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Kids with #Autism can show affection in amazing unique and atypical ways

An important message to #Autism Parents. Please Like/Share and pass this positive message along.

I’m having a “trying to survive my kids” kinda day

Do you ever have days where it’s all you can do to survive your kids?

When the kids just can’t sleep

It’s one of those nights where no one is able to sleep.  Both Emmett and Elliott are camping out in the living room. Elliott’s on the giant beanbag and Emmett’s on the couch.   I’m not real sure what’s going on with these guys but clearly something is because it’s about 1 am and only …

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This is some of what Emmett did in Occupational Therapy this week

This was Emmett’s first week in his new therapy schedule. Here’s how things went…..

A day full of nothing going as planned

Things not going as planned. The good. The bad and the ugly…

MUST SEE: My youngest son with Autism never ceases to amaze me

You have to see what Emmett did to me the other night. It’s both brilliant and hilarious, all at the same time.

Gavin and I have a really long day ahead of us

At the time of writing (12:30 am), I’m not feeling well and Emmett went to bed with a fever.

Stop by and see what the boys earned in martial arts today

The boys promotion in Martial Arts went really well. Check out what they earned.. ☺