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Isolation is something that can be difficult to avoid for many #Autism families

Here’s what I’m doing to help the boys and I avoid isolation

We built a dig box for our ferrets for under $8 

I did a really fun project with the boys tonight and it went over pretty well.. Come over and check out the video… ☺

It was a rough transition for the boys tonight

The boys had a rough time transitioning from their Mom’s house tonight. Here’s what happened and how it was handled.

The boys will be home soon and this is what I’d like to do when they arrive

When the boys arrive home, I have some plans to help ease the transition and bring about a pleasant evening

My little man is really struggling with life and it’s heartbreaking 

It’s easy to look at all that’s happened in his life and make assumptions but truthfully, until we can get through to him, it’s just guesswork.

Well that really sucks

Emmett called to yell at me about his socks tonight

Did all the boys make it to their Mom’s house today? 

After all today’s drama, here’s how everything played out

The boys visit their Mom today and getting them ready has been a nightmare 

It’s heartbreaking to see this because he’s so frustrated with himself for not being able to find anything that’s comfortable.