When the kids just can’t sleep

It’s one of those nights where no one is able to sleep.  Both Emmett and Elliott are camping out in the living room. Elliott’s on the giant beanbag and Emmett’s on the couch.  

I’m not real sure what’s going on with these guys but clearly something is because it’s about 1 am and only Emmett is sleeping (finally).  

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Once Elliott falls asleep, I will do the same but I don’t like them being awake without me, especially at night.  

I’ve been able to use this time to get some things done and that’s positive.  One of the things is the official logo for this blog.  It was going on a year and I still had no official logo. 

Check it out below….  

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The Official Logo of The Autism Dad Blog

I actually really like it.  I was stumped for the longest time and ended up with countless revisions before settling on this one.  

Designing logos is really fun for me but it’s not easy and even something as simple as this, is very time consuming… 

As I’m finishing up this post, Elliott is finally running out of gas and seems to be settling in for the night.  Fingers crossed that I can go to bed soon as well.  

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Have a great night/morning folks….  😊

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