Time moves way too fast

I took the kids to Hocking Hills State Park today. It was a relatively spontaneous trip, and it’s been a little while since I’ve done anything like this with the kids. I’ve been so stressed out and distracted lately, and I feel like I’ve not spent much quality time with my kids. I needed this, and the kids definitely needed it too. It was just the three of us because the hiking would have been too much for Gavin, and he was spending a few days with his grandparents anyway. The 5 hour's drive wasn’t too bad, and we spent the afternoon exploring Old Man’s Cave and The Rock House. The hiking wasn’t too bad, and they both did great. Emmett’s been in physical therapy because he’s dealing with back…

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My life can be hair pulling and trying to herd cats kinda fun

So we had a little drama this evening and while it's not a huge deal, it perfectly illiterates some of the unique challenges I'm trying to manage. We have a Soda Stream and the kids use it to carbonate their water. We've pretty much removed most of the sugary drinks from our lives. Anyway, I had to swap out the CO2 canister yesterday and for whatever reason, Emmett went and swapped it out again. Basically, he swapped a full canister for a full canister. That's not a huge deal because I can just swap it back when this one is empty. The problem was that I found it on the edge of the table in the kitchen. These canisters are under pressure and while they're safe, you don't necessarily want…


You Need To Know These Travel Hacks If You’re A Single Parent

As a single parent, you don’t want to ignore or avoid the traditional things that families do, such as traveling. The problem is, going on a family vacation with two parents is challenging. Doing it by your lonesome is going to be as stressful as it is relaxing. So, you might not view it as something you want to do for a while. Pixabay - CC0 Licence That’s okay because not every family is desperate for a holiday. However, a break is an excellent way to recharge your batteries and have fun and bond as a group. Therefore, if unsure, you should recognize that the pros outweigh the cons. Plus, while there are obstacles, it is possible to enjoy an incredible vacation without the hassle. All you need to do…


I’ve been a single parent for exactly 1 year today and I have some thoughts

It's been one year since I became a single parent again. I've said before that I'm really weird with milestones and anniversaries because they mark moments in my life that were impactful for whatever reason. Maybe I'm too sentimental but it's just sorta the way I am. Everything in my life changed on August 10, 2019. I've been quite busy these last 365 days because the kids require the vast majority of my time and energy. Who am I kidding, they require more time and energy than I have on a good day. While none of this has been or likely will ever be easy, I've experienced a great deal of personal growth along the way. I'm learning a great deal about myself. What I deserve, what I don't deserve,…

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I’ve been so worried about Elliott not sleeping

We've had a pretty good morning. Elliott slept until about lunchtime, and that was awesome. We don't have any immediate plans for today, but maybe we'll get the kids to the playground again. I'm feeling much better after a brief power nap, and ready to take on the rest of the day. I've been so worried about Elliott not sleeping, and it's taken its toll. Hopefully, we're through this period of disturbed sleep and can return to a better, more healthy sleep cycle. :-)