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#Autism Parenting and the battle with insomnia 

I fought a losing battle with insomnia once again last night but I did fall asleep around 4 am and I’m grateful for at least getting that..  ☺  Lizze didn’t sleep well either and ended up downstairs at some point because she needed to sleep propped up and that’s much easier on the couch.  While …

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How I know when it’s best to keep my son with #Autism home from school

At the advice of one of my readers, who suggested providing more insight into the how’s and why’s of our life, I thought I would take that advice and begin with a decision we often struggle with, every single morning.  I want to take a few minutes and explain what goes into deciding whether or …

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Here’s my day so far

So far, today’s been a total wash. I think it was probably doomed from the get go because I had insomnia once again last night. Truth be told, I was dragging after getting Elliott to school.  Another nail in the coffin is the fact that both Emmett and Lizze are sick.  Gavin fell asleep after …

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At least one of them made it to school 

I had the hardest time falling asleep last night and didn’t do so until almost 4 am. There wasn’t anything wrong other than not being able to shut my brain off.  There were so many thoughts racing through my head and I couldn’t process them all. I did squeak out a few hours in the …

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Emmett’s fever flares may have returned 

On Saturday night, Emmett began complaining of his mouth hurting. When I checked it out for him, I found a rather large mouth sore on the inside of his lip.  This may end up being nothing more than a random cold sore but Emmett’s never had random cold sores. When these painful little things show …

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I drank 72 ounces of water today. Is that enough? 

This is totally random but has been the topic of debate between my wife and I. Feel free to weigh in and share your experience or knowledge.  Here’s the question…  How much water should the average person drink in a given day?  This is a really important question because how much water you consume in …

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