Sometimes things just go right  -

Sometimes things just go right 

It’s been a hectic but otherwise pleasant morning. The boys got off to school with minimal effort and we even beat bus 38. I have this one sided challenge every morning and that’s to beat bus 38 to the school. It’s weird, I know but it keeps things interesting. ☺ 

Immediately afterwards, I met with the income tax office because I had to sign a new payment agreement. It’s not a big deal at all and they really do bend over backwards to help. 

After that, it was off to the lab so Lizze and Gavin could get their blood work done.  

Gavin’s is for his refill of Clozapine and Lizze’s was just to check her therapeutic Lithium levels. 
I hung out in the car while the two of them went in and took care of business. As usual, Gavin brought sucker out for everyone but me. I have no idea why he does this but it’s his routine and I try not to take it personally. 

It’s been quiet since then and now I’m waiting to get my boys from school. They will be going to their grandparents for the night and Lizze and I may actually go out for a bit. That of course, depends on whether or not FedEx delivers my paycheck today. Apparently, there’s been weather delays. Fingers crossed.. ☺ 

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