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Update: This kid is driving me effing CRAZY 

I took a large part of the weekend off from writing. Things were getting stagnant for me and I think a break was in the cards. I’m feeling good and my thoughts are stringing together will less effort. Yay for the little victories… ☺  There’s one main thing to touch on tonight before I go …

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For the first time in a very long time

My apologies for not having anything new in the last day or so. I thought I would get everyone caught up while I’m camping out in the living room with Mr. Emmett, who’s getting mouth sores again.  🙁  He’s in a lot of pain and this is about all I can do to help him …

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The kids have left the building

The boys are gone and Lizze and I have the house to ourselves. My paycheck arrived, so Lizze and I are going to see The Lego Batman movie tonight.  Yes, that’s a kids movie but we want to see it really bad and we want to make it through without a million trips to the …

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Sometimes things just go right 

It’s been a hectic but otherwise pleasant morning. The boys got off to school with minimal effort and we even beat bus 38. I have this one sided challenge every morning and that’s to beat bus 38 to the school. It’s weird, I know but it keeps things interesting. ☺  Immediately afterwards, I met with …

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It all comes crashing down 

Is it possible to get a do over for today? I mean, it’s only 7:00 am and I’m already being tested.  Gavin was trying to be helpful this morning by putting the clean dishes away that had been left to dry in the strainer.  Next thing I know, I hear a huge crash and when …

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MAJOR change is coming to Gavin’s life

The appointment went pretty well with Gavin’s shrink this afternoon. It probably goes without saying that Gavin did a good job while he was there.  As I mentioned in the previous post, this was supposed to be a med check and nothing more. I also mentioned that I can never know for sure because it’s …

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