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5 Mistakes That Can Make Your Next Trip Very Expensive

Most of us spend our whole year saving for our vacation. So, there is a lot that is riding on it, isn’t there? You want it to go perfectly. You want to have lots of happy vacation snaps and come back home feeling like you had the best trip ever! To make sure this is …

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Around The World On The Autism Spectrum

Any parent worries about travelling with children. When you add autism into that mix, it can seem best to leave your wanderlust well alone. In reality, though, children with autism deserve to enjoy the sights, sounds, and beauty of travel just as much as anyone else. We parents, too, could use the break! And, while …

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11 Factors To Consider When Moving to a New Country or State

Picking up your current life and starting over in a new location is a significant life event for any individual regardless of age. Whether you are making this shift for your family situation or searching for bigger opportunities in your career, you must prepare to start living in the new state.  It is vital that …

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Time To Learn The Beauty Of Watching And Travelling On Trains

Traveling by train across any part of the world is a very popular thing, both among locals and among tourists. Today especially in Europe, the train and the history of the train is an incredible phenomenon. When we think of trains, we either envision the old steam trains or the new bullet trains that we …

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A short guide to stress-free travel with kids

mother and children walks near body of water

Family vacations provide the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and create lots of fun memories for years to come. However, traveling with kids can also be an extremely stressful experience, especially if your children are younger. From guiding them through the airport without getting separated, to keeping them calm and entertained while in …

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That was horrible

We just arrived in Cleveland for Gavin and Lizze’s appointments. The drive was horrible due to the weather and very poor visibility. Things were made worse by our windshield wipers freezing in place once we were on the freeway. That was not fun at all. We should be on our way home in about an …

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