The boys came home in a mood but we salvaged trick or treat

The plan was for the boys to be dropped off at my parents house because it was closed and that’s where we were going trick or treating. 

When the boys arrived, Emmett began crying because he no longer wanted to be a Pac-Man ghost.


Elliott had decided to be a makeshift Master Chief instead of Pac-Man and that made Emmett not want …

The most important thing needed for your kids with #Autism to benefit from parental visits both during and after divorce

Disclaimer: In this post, I assume that the split was not due to issues involving domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction.  I also assume that there are no safety concerns.

When a special needs family experiences the trauma of divorce, it’s exceptionally difficult. I don’t use the word trauma lightly either. .

When parents split up, it’s not easy for any child, …

Elliott wanted to come home from his visit early

Not too long after the boys left tonight, I crashed.  I was so tired from a week of very little sleep. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my phone was still on vibrate from when I was at the doctors with Gavin, earlier in the day. 


When I woke up, I had missed quite a few calls and messages. 

Apparently Elliott was having a rough …

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