Elliott wanted to come home from his visit early

Not too long after the boys left tonight, I crashed.  I was so tired from a week of very little sleep. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my phone was still on vibrate from when I was at the doctors with Gavin, earlier in the day. 


When I woke up, I had missed quite a few calls and messages. 

Apparently Elliott was having a rough night and wanted to come home.  I spoke with Lizze but it had already been a couple hours since she tried to call and Elliott was distracted. 

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I don’t remember what she said had happened but I do remember that they seem to have managed the situation pretty well.  ☺

I feel terrible that Elliott wanted to talk to me and I never heard the phone ring. 

Considering all they’ve been through, it’s important to me that they know they can reach me if they need me. 

On the other hand, by not answering the calls (which I still feel horrible about), the situation was resolved without him coming home early.  If he’d spoken to me, he would have been dead set on coming home and frankly, I don’t know that I have it in me to say no to that. 

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As it happens, things seem to have worked out for the best. 

He may want to come home in the morning and I’ll cross that bridge if or when I get there.