March 2016 archive

My whole house is without power

Not 2 minutes after a got the call, we lost power to the entire house

Gavin dealt with an infection this week

In all the years we’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen this happen

It’s important to make sure ones goals are reasonable

Making sure that the goals you set for yourself aren’t setting you up for failure is really important

Sometimes I’m just grateful for the positive

I’m not going to question anything today and here’s why

#Autism Parenting: I always try to foster my kids willingness to be helpful

There are times when my kids are feeling very helpful and times that they want nothing to do with helping. I always try to encourage them when they’re in the mood to be helpful. I feel as though it’s an opportunity to help them learn something new and it helps to build skills that will …

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God, please slip me some extra patience… I’m gonna need it.

I already know I’m over my head today……

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