My whole house is without power

The boys are settled in bed for the night and I get a phone call from AEP (our electric company). I wasn’t sure what they wanted …

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Gavin dealt with an infection this week

I meant to share this before but it just never happened. 

Last Friday, after Gavin’s IVIG infusion, one of the infusion sites became infected.  …

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It’s important to make sure ones goals are reasonable

It’s approaching the dinner hour and the boys are still doing pretty good.  Gavin’s asleep and the E’s are quietly playing in their room. 

I’ve …

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Sometimes I’m just grateful for the positive

After physical therapy this morning, we had absolutely nothing in the agenda.  It’s been relatively quiet today and that’s a nice change of pace. 

The most …

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#Autism Parenting: I always try to foster my kids willingness to be helpful

There are times when my kids are feeling very helpful and times that they want nothing to do with helping.

I always try to encourage them …

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God, please slip me some extra patience… I’m gonna need it.

I had to drag the boys out to Gavin’s Physical therapy appointment this morning.  Both Elliott and Emmett have their tanks full of energy and …

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AWESOME NEWS: I feel like a pretty awesome Dad tonight

It’s not very often that I can say this but today proved to be pretty awesome.  The boys and I had an amazing time this afternoon with …

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