I’m crushed by my failures as an #Autism parent but I’ve found a new way to look at it

I’m going to try and keep this short-ish and sweet because it’s almost 2 am and I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep since Thursday morning. 

It was a rough day for a ton of reasons but Emmett’s dentist appointment really hit me hard.  We drove 40 minutes for a 10 minute appointment.  He got a cleaning and exam but the work he needs to have done won’t happen until June 16th.… Read More

I have to face a major fear today in order to be there for my son

Today will be a challenging day for me because I’m taking Emmett to the dentist and he may end up getting two metal caps.  He received a metal cap a couple years ago because he broke a tooth, opening his water bottle with his teeth. 

I suspect this may be the case once again. 

I don’t know if it was a water bottle but he’s always doing things with his teeth that make me cringe, including grind them in his sleep.  It’s the most horrific sound I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard someone snap their femer.… Read More

Vivint Gives Back and The Autism Dad: Working together to help protect special needs families


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Vivint Gives Back and The Autism Dad helps protect special needs families

I’ve been so excited to share this with my readers and the Autism community at large.… Read More

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