A major update about Elliott and homework 

First of all, I hate the idea of homework in general.  There’s so much research out that that proves homework doesn’t improve test scores at all.  I’m even less supportive of giving homework to kids with special needs. 

There’s several sides to this coin but the biggest things are pretty solid arguments in my book.… Read More

I’m so sick of homework related #meltdowns

I haven’t actually spoken about this in awhile because until the last few weeks, it hadn’t been an ongoing issue.

We had a really rough start to the year in regards to Elliott and homework.  Things were worked out and adjustments made.  Everything was going really well and then all of a sudden, homework has become a nightmare once again. 

Maybe it’s the whole end of the year thing already.  Maybe he’s just spent or maybe it’s something else all together. 


I don’t feel like he’s being difficult for the sake of being difficult.… Read More

Elliott won’t be doing any homework tonight

It’s Thursday and all homework is due in the morning. Elliott’s supposed to be doing 9 minutes of homework a night and up until recently, that was a nearly impossible task. 

I’ve managed to strike a very fragile balance and that has helped Elliott to be a willing participant.… Read More