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Welcome to my fricking nightmare, and it’s only 8 AM

The boys are going to their grandparents for a little while today. It’s spend some time with Grandma day, and it should be fun form the boys. Y Unfortunately, Emmett… Read more »

More homework frustration for my son with #Autism 

Both boys had a good day at school but Elliott’s a bit frustrated over his homework for the week. Homework proves to be a struggle when he has four days… Read more »

How literal interpretation leads to meltdowns 

I promised that I would write about why Emmett’s school report led to so many meltdowns over the last week or so. The reason can be summed up in two… Read more »

A major update about Elliott and homework 

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First of all, I hate the idea of homework in general.  There’s so much research out that that proves homework doesn’t improve test scores at all.  I’m even less supportive… Read more »

Here’s why I generally disagree with giving kids with #Autism homework

I know this is a controversial subject and everyone has their own opinion but this is why do agree with giving a child with Autism homework, generally speaking anyway.

I’m so sick of homework related #meltdowns

I don’t know what happened but these homework meltdown are back and they’re killing me

Elliott won’t be doing any homework tonight

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“……. It’s Thursday and all homework is due in the morning. Elliott’s supposed to be doing 9 minutes of homework a night and up until recently, that was a nearly impossible task…..” Read More