The most amazing thing happened today and any #Autism parent will appreciate it

For those who don’t already know if this, bathing is something of a sensory nightmare for many kids on the Autism Spectrum. 

My kids or rather some of them are no exception to this rule. 

None of my kids do well with water coming into contact with their face or ears. This makes taking a bath a task that isn’t always fun, pleasant or seemingly impossible.


Anyway, Emmett was still under the weather this morning and we told him that he needed a bath. 

Sometimes a nice warm bath can help you feel better and that’s what we were hoping would happen. 

He refused to take a bath but out of absolute nowhere, he decided that he would only take a shower….

Emmett has never taken a shower in his entire 8 years of life. 

I have no clue what brought this on but he actually took a shower and has requested that he only take showers from this point on…  He also asked us to get him a pair of goggles, so he can put his face in the water and not get water in his eyes…

WOW… Just wow…

Talk about a victory.  This was/is a big one… 

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