Here’s a long overdue update about many things

Sometimes it’s hard for me to write. This is the case for a number of reasons.  Depression,  exhaustion, life and a few other things, all have a role but I thought I would spend some time today, playing catch-up.

While I try to share as much as I can in regards to our life, there are way more things that go on that just never make it to the blog.

There’s not a reason for this it just sorta happens.

I get questions all the time about things that people have been waiting to hear updates about and I’m finally in a place to sit down and get everyone caught up on some of the things I haven’t talked about in awhile.


You may recall that shortly before school let out for the summer, Maggie was playing with Gavin in the yard and ended up hurting her leg pretty bad.

It turned out to be a completely severed ACL and there was no way we could provide her with the $6,000+ surgery she would need to fix it.  The last time I spoke about this, I talked about how we were told to keep her in her kennel for about two weeks.

The two weeks came and went.  It did seem to help because she was physically able to put weight in her leg again but it didn’t take her long to overdue it and lose the progress that was made.

Thankfully, because the ACL was completely severed, there is no pain and she’s not suffering in any way.  This permanent injury doesn’t seem to slow her down much but she does tuck her leg up when she runs.

She actually caught an adult rabbit the other day, so this definitely doesn’t slow her down.  Don’t worry about the rabbit. Maggie just held it down and licked it.  The rabbit was covered in Maggie slobber but never injured.

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