I don’t know why he won’t sleep but it’s getting old

Emmett was unable to fall asleep once again last night.  We ended up camping out in the couches in the living room because it was the best way to keep tabs on him and hopefully get him to fall asleep.

Sadly, we saw the hour of 2AM before he finally fell asleep. 

In the above picture, Emmett’s snuggling under a 25lb weighted blanket. This picture just happens to capture him in mid-point because he most definitely wasn’t sleeping. 

I was able to sleep for a short while after he fell asleep but I’m an exhausted walking zombie this morning.  

Lizze and I just traded places and I thought I would finish this post before closing my eyes for a little bit. I need to be up in a little bit, so I’m going to end the post and wish you all a good day. ☺