I have bad news and good news – Which do you want first? 

The boys are going to the dentist today. Originally, Lizze had class, and my Mom was going with me, but that’s changed. Due to a temporary, but frustrating insurance issue, Lizze will not be in class today. 

Part of me is upset because I know how important it is for her to be there, but the other part of me is all like, thank God because both boys are having work done at the same time, on opposite ends of the office, and I’m only one person. 

My Mom was going to go, but since Lizze will be home, she doesn’t have to anymore. 

I don’t know how much experience any of you have with Autistic kids and the dentist, but it’s not always a good combination to say the least. 

Elliott has his last filling, and he doesn’t cope well with the noise, or the needles. His anxiety is out of control, and by the time we’re done, it’s like he has a countdown timer floating above his head, counting down to the first after dentist trauma meltdown. 

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Emmett will typically do better, but that’s not always the case. Emmett’s currently in a fever flare, but the mouth sores haven’t appeared yet. At the moment, he has one sore but that’s it. 

Mr. Emmett was just getting a cleaning, but unfortunately, my little sensory seeker chipped his front tooth recently, doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.. Now he needs to get that fixed, which shouldn’t be a big deal because the chip isn’t big, but who knows for sure? I know I don’t.. 

I had thought Elliott was scheduled at 10 AM, and Emmett at 10:30 Am, so I could handle this in my own. As it turns out, they are both seen at the same time, by different dentists, and since I can’t split myself in half, that’s a problem. 

At the same time, I have to keep an eye on Gavin, who’s in the waiting room, doing only God knows what. Actually, he usually does well, but he can be unpredictable at times. He’s Schizophrenic as well as Autistic, and so that can lead to what the public would rightfully consider, weird shit. 

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It should all be okay now, because Lizze will be able to go now. 

For the record, I’m not being a dick with my comments on Gavin. He seriously does some weird shit, and it can happen at the least opportune time imaginable. It’s not his fault, but it can make people uncomfortable sometimes. Rather than stress out over it, I have a sense of humor about it, because otherwise it’s heartbreaking for me to see how much he’s declined. 

That’s all. I’m really not insensitive to this at all. If anything, I’m too sensitive, and it hurts to see my son go through this. 

I think my sense of humor is the reason I’ve weathered fifteen years of special needs parenting, as well as I have.