It’s important to find the humor in life or else you’ll go nuts. This is especially true for #Autism parents

I try to find the humor in everything. It’s just how I cope and it’s not always easy but it’s something that truly believe is worth the effort.  ☺ 

I want to share a picture because this is one situation that I find humor in because it’s so classic and innocent. If you have a child with and/or processing issues, you probably won’t need an explanation for what you see.. 

Does this look familiar to anyone?

This is what I find in random places around the house, shortly after Emmett arrives home from

It’s totally a sensory thing and has to do with not being able to tolerate clothes on his skin. The moment he gets home from school, his are off his feet and on the floor. 

On the tougher days like today, it’s like he just walks right out of his clothes and goes on with his afternoon. 😁 

This is quite a common thing in our household, at least for Emmett. It’s not uncommon at all for his school clothes to come off and for him to spend the rest of the day in his underpants.  

We don’t battle this unless someone’s coming over because he wears his clothes all day long. When he comes home, he needs to be free of them for awhile.  

Truthfully, he’s doing much better because he’s tolerating clothes for longer and longer periods of time. 

It’s just one of those thing you’ll find relatively common in an Autism house.  ☺ 

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  • Hi Rob,

    This is so true. No matter what happens if you can take it lightly you will be able to glide through life without getting too down. I think Emmett also reminds us what’s really important. Clothes are great for decorum – when people visit – but overall, unless it’s icy cold we can go minimal 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Rob 🙂


  • Well said �

  • Thank you, this is the first thing my grandson does when he comes thru the front door… I’m just worried he’s getting a little big to be running around in his underpants.