A lengthy and important update

I thought I would share a on how my is doing overall and anything new that’s worth mentioning.

I guess one of the biggest bits of news is that and Emmett are off of all their medications, except one for their . Their ADHD really helps them to sorta slow their brains down and more easily manage things in their day to day lives.

Working with their doctor, we’ve pulled them both off of their anti-anxiety medications and pulled Elliott off of his anti-depressants.

The reason for this is because most of these medications were started during the before [the 18 month period of time when and I were separated and I was raising them on my own] because their lives had been turned upside down and inside out. Now that our family has healed and we are continuing to move forward together, we are taking time to evaluate them off of their medications to see if they’re still needed.

We’re all for medicating our kids, if and when it’s deemed to be in their best interest. At this point, it doesn’t appear to be in their best interest, hence the change of plans.

20161116_114943-1I’ve already spoken about the challenges facing lately and subsequently us as his parents, so we don’t need to go into all that for right now.

Instead, let’s focus on a relative victory or milestone that we’ve been working on for years and we finally hit it. Gavin has finally begun putting on weight. He’s been stuck at 132 lbs for years. His low body fat makes his IVIG infusions more difficult and more painful as well.

As of last week [I believe it was last week], he’s weighing in at 141.2 lbs and that’s amazing progress. He’s gaining some healthy body fat and I’m so grateful for that.

Gavin is also officially back down to 600 mg of per day again and will likely stay here for the foreseeable future. The higher dose simply isn’t any more effective than the lower dose and because of that, as well as the risks inherent to this medication in the first place, the dose has been dropped.

In other news, Lizze and I have decided to send the boys to the after school program again in December. Emmett loves it and truthfully, I think Elliott has grown to enjoy it as well. It’s been a mostly positive experience for both boys and we want to continue along that same path going into the new year.

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  • BJW

    Good news is good. Sorry to hear about your tablet. I use a Chromebook which I totally love. It has an extension of MS Office, but not the full software. That would be actually incompatible, I think. However, it has Google docs which is just as good. It also can’t download iTunes. I have a TON of music on iTunes. (I do have a work-around though.)

    Isn’t it funny how we get boggled when our favorite device dies? Do you have a TradeSquare warranty? That warranty would usually come back pretty fast with a gift card for me, even before it made it back to warehouse.