Here’s a big update for today

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First of all, I can share that both boys stayed at school for the entire day.  I’m waiting to pick them up as I’m writing this. 

Neither of them were happy about this but everyone at the school was great in regards to helping make this happen. 


At one point, Emmett’s in the hallway crying and when Elliott realized I was there, he broke down sobbing as well.  I have no idea what’s going on but the right thing to do was make them stay, even though it felt really shitty doing so. 

The rest of the morning was spent gutting the basement, in preparation for the electrical overhaul of the 2nd and 3rd floor. 

Myself, Gavin and my Mom got it all cleaned out in a couple of hours.  My Mom is always such a huge help.  I’m so lucky to have such supportive family. 

Gavin busted his ass today and was so incredibly helpful.  I’m so grateful he was there to share the load. 

This still leaves us in an unknown place. 

My Dad and I are more than capable of working on modern electrical systems but that’s not what we’re dealing with.  We’re dealing instead with knob and tube wiring that’s almost a century old.

Neither of us are familiar with this archaic method of delivering electricity throughout one’s house.

I’m pretty sure this is going to require hiring an electrician because this isn’t something to be messed with. 

Beyond that knowledge, I have no clue what’s going to happen and on what time schedule. 

For the most part though, this is manageable. 

It means flashlights at night, at least on the second floor but the only other major hangup is the fact that the kitchen is shutdown.  I have the refrigerator running off a heavy duty extension cord in the living room. 

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Last week it was our staircase collapsing, then it was the water line bursting in the basement and now it’s this.  This all has happened in the span of about 1.5 weeks. 

While this happens to be one of the most difficult obstacles that I’ve had try and overcome, there’s no room for quitters on this ship. 

I’ll figure something out.. We have power in the living room and that helps.  Plus people lived without power much longer than they have lived with power. 

The boys and I will just make the best of things and it may actually be a fun challenge to take on. 

…..and look, if you’re planning to comment and leave me messages that are judgmental or mean spirited, don’t bother.  I’ll simply ask you to please have a nice day. 

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and despite what some may think, I don’t have a problem if your opinion differs from mine.

That being said, last time I checked, there isn’t anyone else walking in my shoes…

Whether or not you choose to believe me when I say that I’m doing the very best I can, is up to you.  I know that I’m doing everything I can and I also know it’s not enough. 

If your aim is to make me feel guilty about my shortcomings, I assure you, there isn’t a person on this planet harder on me than myself. 

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  • Julie Sullivan Relunia says:

    Crossing my fingers it goes smoother than expected for you. Screw the haters.. Your ‘real’ followers KNOW you gobabove and beyond on the daily for those boys.

  • Alyssa Rogers Williams says:

    Your plate is very, very full. (Understatement!) 😉

    Hope all the repairs go smoothly, safely and well. Sounds as if you’ve got awesome parents/family too.

  • Alyssa Rogers Williams says:

    Your plate is very, very full. (Understatement!) 😉

    Hope all the repairs go smoothly, safely and well. Sounds as if you’ve got awesome parents/family too.