A Desperately Needed Break

The boys are at their Grandparents tonight and Lizze, and I have the night to ourselves. Before the kids left, and it was a rougher day. It wasn’t the worst ever by far, but it was tough nonetheless.

Lizze and … Read More

I’m getting worried

I’m concerned that Gavin is slipping a bit farther than he has before. He’s  really struggling with even basic problem solving skills. Here’s just the latest example of what I’m worried about.

Gavin received a new pair of comfy pants … Read More

I’m so proud of myself

I spent the day yesterday, focusing on making better choices for myself and I did really well. I did two 30 minute sessions on the treadmill, had a 1,000 calorie deficit, hit over 12,000 steps for the first time in … Read More

The boys and I ran some errands

Lizze is out with her Mom and the boys and I took care of a Christmas return we needed to do. 

I’m super impressed because Emmett finally wore his crocs, even though he didn’t have any clean socks. He didn’t … Read More

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