My son with #Autism needs everything to match. Does yours? 

I woke up to the boys fighting this morning. Emmett was freaking out because he needs everything in his life to match and when it doesn’t, he panics and melts down. 

This mornings disaster was caused because Elliott had been playing the Xbox for about an hour, while Emmett had only played for about half that amount of time. That was simply the way it worked out. 

Emmett began to get really upset because the times didn’t match. He wanted to play the exact number of minutes needed to match Elliott’s time but that wasn’t possible at the time. This led to a pretty shitty start to the day a massive meltdown.  

All of Emmett’s life, he’s had to have things match. Christmas presents, pizza slices, how much drink is poured into a glass. It’s a really big deal for him and if things don’t match, it’s like his life is thrown into chaos.  

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This is relatively common amongst kids with Autism but I’m wondering how many of you out there have faced this struggle? What kids of things have needed to match and how have you managed this?