I was absolutely horrified by what my son with #Autism told me today

Gavin shared something with us that came out of nowhere and caught us completely off guard. Gavin’s always talking about something and honestly it gets to the point where we have to filter him out at times. 

The other day, Gavin was talking to me about the random things that he always does. I had started to tune the talking out and had just about done so successfully, when I heard a name that I hadn’t heard in a really long time.  

Read This  My poor Elliott

I was instantly snapped back into the conversation and this is what Gavin told me. 

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  1. Awe poor little guy. You are great man to take of him and his siblings.

    I personally downloaded a dream dictionary app to get a better understanding of my dreams. It may help with understanding Gavin’s dream.

    You and your family are in my prayers.

  2. I’m so sad for Gavin. I’m also a adult who had been abused as a child and repressed much of it. It came out after my ex started hitting me and very real nightmares were the way they started. Let Patty handle it. I know this is hard he has so much to handle already it seems unfair for this to pop out but his brain is letting it through because he needs to deal with it. It’s not adult things, it is part of his very sad life story. You have to be able to understand that and manage your response and your emotions. Somewhere in his world this stuff matters and he is putting things in order. It’s his story and his memories. Love him thru it as I know you will. This is gonna hurt Lizze too because it will bring up all her pain again.

  3. USAtweeting

    Comfort your son with peace, he is surrounded by and empowered by ❤️ love.
    The Love he has now is strong and true. L❤️VE gave your son the power to grow confident, powerful and free (severing) the pain of his past
    ✨Peace ❤️love is everlasting

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