UPDATE: My son with #Autism ate raw chicken because that’s just how our life is

If you miss the first part of this story, please click here to get caught up. 

I wanted to thank everyone for their . It really means a great deal to us and speaks volumes the amount of love and compassion that’s still in the world today. 

It’s been about twenty hours since accidently ate raw chicken and so far, he seems to be doing okay. 

Franky, I hate to even say that out loud a use I don’t want to jinx it. Having said that, we feel a sense of guarded relief that things are still going well. Hopefully, this will continue as we move forward. 

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers…. ☺ 

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4 Comments on "UPDATE: My son with #Autism ate raw chicken because that’s just how our life is"

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Sonja L Andrus

Hope all is well — pretty scary stuff we go through with our kids. Hugs!

Kelly Lyons Schaffer

You guys are always in my prayers! My guy with decided today that he should only eat any food he found on the floor! It was quite interesting!