What Gavin said that just about made my head explode

My goal with this entry is to help provide insight into one particular kind of challenge faced by parents of kids with significant cognitive impairment.  As someone with a background in emergency medicine, I find it particularly frustrating when I need to gather medically relevant information from Gavin.  This is a very difficult situation because Gavin is significantly cognitively impaired and is unable to provide information about how he's feeling or doing.  Today was a perfect example of this and it was unbelievably frustrating for me.  Shortly after dinner, I told Gavin that we've made it past the 72 hr mark and that he should be okay. It was about 72 hours ago that he'd eaten raw chicken and we were watching him carefully for signs of Salmonella poisoning.  After…


UPDATE on how Gavin is doing after eating raw chicken 

You may recall that a couple of days ago, Gavin accidently ate raw chicken. Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.  Anyway, we've been keeping a close eye on him for any sign of possible illness associated with eating that raw chicken. The concern is obviously Salmonella poisoning and it can take up to 72 hours to show any signs.  So far so good. Gavin's feeling just fine and dinner tomorrow will mark the 72nd hour.  Thankfully, it seems as though we dodged a bullet and he's gonna be just fine.  This was just one of those freak accidents that happen and teach a valuable lesson. Whenever buying frozen chicken tenders, be sure that they are already cooked and ready to eat. If you find they are not…


UPDATE: My son with #Autism ate raw chicken because that’s just how our life is

If you miss the first part of this story, please click here to get caught up.  I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It really means a great deal to us and speaks volumes about the amount of love and compassion that's still in the world today.  It's been about twenty hours since Gavin accidently ate raw chicken and so far, he seems to be doing okay.  Franky, I hate to even say that out loud a use I don't want to jinx it. Having said that, we feel a sense of guarded relief that things are still going well. Hopefully, this will continue as we move forward.  Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.... ☺ 


PLEASE keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days

The boys and I went to Walmart yesterday, and picked up some groceries. Right now they're into eating chicken, so we stocked up on chicken beast, chicken tenders and things like that.  At dinner tonight, Gavin wanted to make himself some chicken tenders. He took a couple large ones from the bag and heated them up in the microwave. He's capable of using the microwave or toaster oven.  After he was done, I put some in the air fryer for Emmett and as I was putting the bag back in the freezer, I noticed that the bag said ready to cook, raw chicken.  As soon as I saw that, I ran into the other room to stop Gavin. I yelled at him to stop eating..  When I looked at his…