PLEASE keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days

The boys and I went to Walmart yesterday, and picked up some groceries. Right now they’re into eating chicken, so we stocked up on chicken beast, chicken tenders and things like that. 

At dinner tonight, Gavin wanted to make himself some chicken tenders. He took a couple large ones from the bag and heated them up in the microwave. He’s capable of using the microwave or toaster oven. 

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After he was done, I put some in the air fryer for Emmett and as I was putting the bag back in the freezer, I noticed that the bag said ready to cook, raw chicken. 

As soon as I saw that, I ran into the other room to stop Gavin. I yelled at him to stop eating.. 

When I looked at his plate, he only had one bite left and that one bite was raw. My reaction wasn’t the best but I was completely thrown and just reacted. I said, OMG… Gavin you ate raw chicken. 

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He had no idea what that meant but my reaction freaked him out.. 

Lizze called poison control and I tried calling his pediatrician’s office but they were closed. I then called his immunologist because she’s the one doctor who’s very connected to all he has going on. 

When she called back, she didn’t even know what to say. 

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  1. I got this from bad eggs ya water grateraid you start vomiting and anything that goes down comes up so you will know when it starts it took mine a day and a half but o started feeling bad the next day hope he feels better and
    Maybe the chicken was OK I hope God bless

  2. Laura Cumming

    This exact same thing happened to us! We bought a new brand of nuggets and didn’t see they were raw and not pre-cooked. My son ate about 2-3 before it was noticed. Like you, we also freaked out! We watched him like a hawk for a week! I’m happy to say we had no issues at all! I’m hoping this is the case for you as well! I’ve since heard the same story from others and haven’t heard about any bad outcomes. I’m sure Gavin will also be ok!

  3. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins and bacteria in the gut. You could give him enough daily to absorb any food poisoning but not enough to induce vomiting. I do this whenever I have food poisoning. Works well. Just make sure he is well hydrated and plenty of fiber so he doesn’t get constipated. Also, his poop will be black, but that’s it.

  4. Wow – that’s really serious stuff. I would have thought the box would have clearer notification that it was raw chicken. All our frozen tenders etc here in Australia are pre-cooked!! Definitely praying for Gavin that he comes out unscathed. Looking forward to an update.

    1. Thanks. I never thought to look because everything we’ve ever bought was pre-cooked. I didn’t realize it came this way. They look just like regular chicken straps but they are raw on the inside.

      These a white circle on the bottom corner of the bag that says ready to cook raw chicken.

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