Why I’m totally geeking out

I totally get this will shine the spotlight on just how big of a nerd I really am but fuck it. 

Everyone knows about the Amazon Echo and if you’ve used it or even own one, you probably know how quickly it becomes integrated into your daily life. 

A week or so ago, Amazon updated the Echo to allow for an additional trigger word. Prior to this update, you could choose between Alexa, Amazon or Echo. Weirdly enough, they never included Dot. 

Anyway, the have recently added a new trigger name and if you’re a science fiction fan, you may just geek out as well. 

We can now use the trigger name Computer. If you don’t see the significance in that, let me explain. This is totally a Star Trek thing.

In Star Trek the Next Generation, that’s how they would interact with the on board computer that controlled the Enterprise. They would say something like Computer, locate Commander Data..

While I can’t do that, I can say things like, Computer, play (song title) or Computer, upstairs light 20%. I think it’s pretty freaking cool but Lizze thinks I’m a dork.  😁 

I’ve been geeking out for the last week or so as I automated all the lights on the second floor, as well as both replaced and automated the porch light. 

The life I live is very challenging and sometimes it’s the little things…  ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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That is pretty bigoted and prejuidice. I called Joel Stein out on that. Told him to apologize. When he did not I blocked him


Bad enough we now have a man running this country who made fun of a disabled journalist. Stupid bigoted Trump.


That is pretty cool. I am an adult Aspie so when I get married and have kids they too will quite likely have Asperger’s.


What will be a challenge for all parents who have any range of Autism is to counteract their kids being bullied at schools.


Stupid fucking kids calling them retarded and shit like that. Kids like that must have some pretty stupid shit parents who


obviously have not taught their kids to respect people who have mental illnesses or different mental “configurations”.


I personally would not consider the Autism Spectrum Disorder as a mental illness. It is a mental disorder.


I would rather reserve the term mental illness for somebody who is masochistic, sadomasochistic, psychotic, etc.


And that idiot Joel Stein of Time magazine likened those who have Asperger’s to Internet trolls as being sociopathic.


for his stupid ass statement and bigotry.


I take it personal when anybody makes fun of someone with a mental disorder or is truly mentally retarded.