MASSIVE UPDATE: Heartbreak and a few other things – Page 2

MASSIVE UPDATE: Heartbreak and a few other things

As far as Gavin is concerned, he’s not sick and I’m comfortable with saying that he’s not contracted Salmonella poisoning from eating the raw chicken last week. Thank God for that one. 

On the other hand, we’re seeing more regression and that’s not good. In fact, it’s heartbreaking. 

I don’t know if I could single out one particular area of concern because it’s more a general trend. I guess if I had to name one area that sticks out a bit more than the others, it would be cognition. Thinking isn’t something that’s going well for him lately. There are days where he’s as sharp a tack as he can be and then there are the days where it feels like think to breathe. 

On the positive side, he’s always in good spirits and today was no exception.. 

Lizze is not doing so well. I mean, in some ways she’s not doing so well but in other’s she’s impressing. 

She’s been blessed with something called Ehlers Danlos. This is a fancy name for ridiculously loose joints. While the boys have never been officially diagnosed, it’s likely they have the same thing. It’s one of the reasons for occupational therapy. 

Anyway, the other night, Lizze rolled over in her sleep and her hip popped out again. 

There are times that she’ll move and I hear this horrible popping sound and it’s one of her extremities popping out of socket. My understanding is that it hurts as bad as it sounds like it would hurt.  On a side note, this happens to Gavin all the time as well. 

The point is, her hips been bothering her for the last few days. Her rheumatologist can treat the pain but there’s not much that can be done to fix loose joints.  

That’s been pretty much kicking her ass this week and unfortunately, it coincides with me getting sick. 

She’s still adjusting to a change in her mood stabilizers (for managing bipolar disorder) and now dealing with her hip. It’s been a big fat no bueno kinda week for her.  🙁 

As far as I’m concerned, I’m still sick. I feel like shit and frankly, probably look as shitty as I feel. I think this is like day three or going on day three.. Everything is sorta blurring together at this point.  

Having said that, I’m surviving and that’s what matters. 

I’m gonna try and sleep in my bed tonight. Most of the time I can deal with it being uncomfortable but I can’t when I’m totally congested and unable to breathe through my nose.  

NyQuil is treating me right tonight and before it kicks in any more that it already has, I will bid you adieu….. ☺ 

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(((hugs))) continuing to pray for you and your entire family xoxo


(((hugs))) continuing to pray for you and your entire family xoxo

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