Check out Emmett’s report for school

Emmett has been getting these assignments from school that are similar to esay questions. This particular assignment had Emmett answering the following question. 

Would you rather play outside in the snow or stay inside and drink hot chocolate? 

His teacher basically wanted to know if he’d play in the snow or stay inside and do something else. The idea is to get the kids familiar with writing basic paragraphs. 

The kids are allowed to type the paragraph and email it because that’s teaching them to utilize technology, as well as learn to use Microsoft Word. 

Below is his paragraph. 

I would stay inside and play with my ferret Fat Tiny instead of playing in the snow. I like to play with Fat Tiny because she’s fat, fuzzy and warm. 

I also like it when she’s spazzy because she jumps around like a little maniac. Finally, I love it when she scurries and bounces across the floor.

That’s why I would play with Fat Tiny instead of playing in the snow.

This is Emmett diligently working in his report. He discovered that he enjoys writing.

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