A MAJOR update about my wife

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This is a really important update, not only because it deals with my wife Lizze, but also because of how she’s choosing to deal with a major struggle. 

Lizze doesn’t have an easy life. She’s living in chronic pain, thanks to Fibromyalgia, and chronic, untreatable migraines. She’s been dealing with menopause, and hormone replacement therapy as a result of an emergency hysterectomy a couple years after Emmett was born. 

A couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with Bipolar II, with Borderline tendencies. This has been very challenging to manage because much like Gavin, her biology tends to make her process meds differently. This makes finding the right combination of medications, very difficult. 

She also struggles with severe social anxiety that makes it difficult for her to leave the house at times. 

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Rather than continue to struggle, Lizze has made a major decision that I know wasn’t easy. 

Lizze has decided it would be in her best interest to do intensive outpatient therapy again. This comes in the form of classes, sometimes referred to as DBT therapy

You may remember that she took these classes before. It’s not uncommon for people to need to go through these classes at least a second time. Some people need more than that. 

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