I’m ready to quit the school year and here’s why

Here’s a super quick update before I go to bed. 

As of midnight, I haven’t a clue as to whether or not either of the boys will be in school. I’ve got Elliott with a fever and Emmett with worsening mouth sores, but no fever. 

When I say his mouth sores are getting worse, I’m referring to the fact that they have gone from being on his tongue and throat, to his cheeks, lips and gums. He may not be running a fever but he’s in a great deal of pain. 

To make things worse for poor Emmett, some of these sores are constantly brushing up against his teeth. 

Gavin went to bed not feeling well. He has a low grade fever, and an upset stomach. Lizze’s Mom pointed out in a comment in the previous post, that Gavin probably ate too much today. That’s entirely possible and wouldn’t be out of character for Mr. Gavin. He needs to be kept on a tight leash when there’s lots of food around because he doesn’t self-regulate, and eats to the point of making himself sick. 

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We’ll see how he’s doing in the morning. I have to get him to have his bloodwork done in the morning, or his meds will be thrown off. 

At the moment, I’m feeling better. My head doesn’t hurt as bad, and if I’m not paying attention to it, I don’t notice it as much anymore. I’m really grateful for that. 

Whatever I’m dealing with seems to be a twenty-four hour thing, and my twenty-four hours is up.. ☺ 

Lizze is the only one not sick. She’s in a lot of pain because of the recent weather changes, but she’ll be able to attend class and I know that’s important to her. 

I’ve got so much writing to catch up on but with the kids home, all my energy gets diverted to them. 

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I swear to God, I’m so close to just cutting off the school year at this point. With roughly two weeks left, the amount of stress everyone is feeling, the illness and fever cycles, are just getting to be too much.  

We just need a break.