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As a result, we worry all the time

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I was able to get a hold of Gavin’s psychiatrist’s office this afternoon and got the lab results from his blood draw on Monday morning. I actually only got his Absolute Neutrophil count but that’s a good chunk of information. His Absolute Neutrophil count has climbed up a couple points… Read more »

Being Autistic isn’t an excuse

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Update: I misread this woman’s profile and it turns out she’s not Autistic. My apologies for that. I misunderstood her profile and based on her attack, I incorrectly assumed she was an Autistic adult, attacking me in the way I’ve been attacked many times before. I shouldn’t have assumed and… Read more »

Sometimes the stress can be too much

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The stress of everything is getting to Lizze and I. We had a disagreement that got a little heated and it didn’t have to be that way. Lizze and I are fine, but we never resolved anything and it wasn’t going to happen until both cleared our heads. It’s totally… Read more »

@VivintHome is now in Best Buy

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I was in Best Buy the other day and stumbled across this little surprise. Vivint now has its own little section inside of Best Buy. This is pretty cool because this will make it easier for people to check them out before setting up an installation. I would assume at… Read more »

This is a big step forward

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The boys have had a good morning and they are off to school without much problem. Admittedly, I didn’t check Elliott’s temperature because he’s feeling fine but if I check it, we’ll end up having to keep him home. For the second day in a row, Emmett is wearing pants… Read more »

Do you know why #Autism Parents worry so much?

It’s not easy to explain how anxious I am tonight. I’m anxious because I haven’t yet received Gavin’s lab results from yesterday. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything good or bad, they just haven’t gotten them back yet. As a special needs parent, it seems like there’s always something to worry… Read more »

Things were going so well

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Lizze is still sick and currently sleeping for a little bit. I made dinner but only Gavin and I ended up eating. Elliott’s even doing relatively well with working on his makeup homework in 20 minute increments. If a little bit, we’re going to set the Ferrets free and I’m… Read more »

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