Things were going so well -

Things were going so well

Lizze is still sick and currently sleeping for a little bit. I made dinner but only Gavin and I ended up eating. Elliott’s even doing relatively well with working on his makeup homework in 20 minute increments.

If a little bit, we’re going to set the Ferrets free and I’m going to trim their nails. Letting the Ferrets loose is always a fun thing for everyone and we always look forward to it.

Afterwards, Gavin will need his IVIG infusion started and that will hopefully be the end of my evening. Lizze will take over and put the kids to bed while I catchup on some work.

I was going to say that things were looking positive tonight but before I could finish that sentence, Emmett and Elliott erupted into a screaming match. Sigh….. 🙁

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