Moving Home With Kids Ain’t Easy; Relocating With Autistic Kids Is Harder Still

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Any parent who has ever relocated after having children will confirm that it can be a challenging period. After all, the prospect of leaving behind everything they know – from friends to school – can be rather daunting for kids to accept. When a child suffers from autism, though, a whole host of additional issues are thrown into the mix. 

Still, this cannot stop you from making the move that could open the door to a brighter future for the family. Here are some top tips we’ve gained from experience over the years, such as times when we’ve helped other families complete their relocations.


Children Need Time

All kids need time to adjust and prepare for the move, but this is especially true for autistic children. Springing such a monumental shift on them as a surprise will make the change far scarier.   

As such, transparency is key at all times. Rather than using our advice, why not head over to for great tips on the subject. Seriously, though, keeping the kids informed and aware of what is to come should be top of the agenda.

When given time to get their heads around it, the kids should be just fine.

Kids Need To Feel Excited

While time to prepare is important, the move becomes a lot easier when your child actively wants to move. The best way to achieve this is to give them a reason to count down the days in a positive fashion.

As our unboxing videos show, even the small sources of excitement can make a world of difference. If moving to a new city or town, a promise to visit a theme park or child-friendly attractions can be very useful. Meanwhile, new video games or household gifts will work wonders too.

It may arguably fall into the category of bribery. But if it helps your child through the process, so what?  Image:

There Should Be Less Stress

Moving home, even if it’s only 10km down the road, can be very stressful for everyone. This can leave children agitated, which will inevitably result in problems for you too.   

The biggest issues are likely to come on moving day itself. Experts at can take care of transporting goods, leaving you to focus solely on reaching the destination. Take a casual drive, stop off for something to eat, and meet your possessions at the new home.

Make sure that the child’s things are packed at the back of the lorry, and they will be the first things off too.

Old Pleasures Make The Transition Smoother

The most difficult thing for kids, particularly autistic ones, is getting settled to new surroundings. Blend the new with the old, using a few simple tricks, and you should see positive outcomes.

Toys, furniture, and bedroom accessories from the old home will help. Meanwhile, using Skype to call their friends and show off the new home is sure to keep your kids excited. As long as you haven’t moved too far away, a slumber party may work wonders too.

Rather than making it a dramatic overnight transformation, try to slide into the new life as smoothly as possible. Trust us; your kids will start to see the new house as their home in no time.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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