I’m tired of being this way

I’m tired of being this way

I’m going to be quite busy this morning. The boys have to get to school, Gavin has to get his bloodwork done, and Lizze has two appointments to get to. All of this is before lunch time.

My goal this week is to get my weightloss and return to wellness back on track.

Honestly, I’ve never recovered from the holiday’s and I desperately need to get back on track. Exercise is a critical part of managing my depression without medication and I fully intend on making this work.

I’m tired of being overweight. I’m tired of being so easily winded. I’m tired of not being happy with the current condition my body is in. I used to body build and I’ve fallen so far from that. I don’t want that back but I’d like to lose the weight, feel better and have more energy. ☺

I’ve decided that I’m going to start walking again, beginning today, and assuming it’s not storming. It’s supposed to be storming but it’s also supposed to in the seventies as well.

My goal is going to be reasonable. I’m going to aim for walking three days a week and using the TRX on the off days. I really want to do better, not only for myself but for Lizze and the boys as well.

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Kim Gebhardt

Hi Rob- I know your treadmill died and wanted to let you know that Sears is having a huge President’s Day sale. I got a $1500 NordicTrack for $1100, and that includes delivery, assembly, and a 3 year in-home extended warranty. The one I got is good up to 300 pounds but there are others rated for 350 (I haven’t seen a recent Wednesday weigh-in so I’m not sure where you fall). I prefer walking outside when the weather is nice but that’s not always possible so I finally decided to use a little of my year-end bonus to get myself a new toy. If you don’t have the cash, Sears is also offering 0% financing for (I think) 3 years. Hopefully you can find something that works for you to help you get in some exercise when the weather won’t cooperate.

Rob Gorski

Thanks for the heads up Kim. I take it this commenting system is working for you

Becky Wiren

I don’t know about her but this always works better for me. Every time there is a change things get glitchy and I have to spend time trying to figure it out. I’m getting old because I just don’t have the energy or patience! 😉

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