Emmett returned to school this morning

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Just a quick update to share that Emmett made it back to school today. He missed all last week, as well as Monday and Tuesday of this week due to tummy aches.

He’s feeling better today and was super excited to return.

It’s easy to assume that Emmett is trying to manipulate his way out of school by claiming tummy aches. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not a single person who actually knows Emmett in real life thinks that’s what’s happening.

Emmett loves school and hates when he misses. At the same time, he’s been miserable enough that he wanted to stay home and rest.

He was really happy to be back today and frankly, we were happy to send him.

There was talk of there being a snow day today because of the winter storm were currently having, but we weren’t called off. Emmett was thrilled but Elliott was disappointed.. ☺

I’m working on an update to explain what happened at the doctors yesterday but I’m not feeling well this morning and this was the best I could do at the moment.

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