Autism Parenting Victories

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This might be something only another #Autism parent can truly appreciate

After my walk this morning, I had to take Gavin to get his blood work done. He needs this weekly due to one of his medications. Frequent blood work has been required for many, many years. When Gavin was much younger, his blood draws were an absolute nightmare. It was so bad that it had …

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Major Update

Again, I find myself behind the eight ball in regards to writing. I’m really trying to get back into the swing of things, but I’m struggling a bit with my depression lately. That being said, I’m here now, and that’s what matters. Last I wrote, I was still going back and forth with Emmett’s pediatrician …

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My #Autistic son’s act of kindness

Gavin’s bloodwork went well and I want to give Gavin props for how he handled himself in the parking lot while he was there. As I mentioned in the precious post, my morning walk was rain delayed, and when I dropped Gavin off for his bloodwork, it was pouring down rain. As he was running …

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Pictures from yesterdays therapeutic martial arts promotion

The boys had their end of the school year martial arts promotion yesterday. Both Elliott and Emmett did awesomely. Elliott was promoted to blue belt, and Emmett was promoted to high blue. Lizze and I couldn’t possibly be any prouder of them than we are. I posted some video on my Twitter feed yesterday and …

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