My #Autistic son's act of kindness -

My #Autistic son’s act of kindness

Gavin’s bloodwork went well and I want to give Gavin props for how he handled himself in the parking lot while he was there.

As I mentioned in the precious post, my morning walk was rain delayed, and when I dropped Gavin off for his bloodwork, it was pouring down rain. As he was running to get into the building, an elderly woman was making her way to the same door and doing so with the assistance of a walker. She was moving very slowly, and Gavin isn’t always super patience.

That said, Gavin stopped dead in his tracks and politely let the woman go first. The whole time he was waiting for her, he was also standing in the rain. Gavin does not like getting wet.

Once she was inside, he walked in himself.

I’m really proud of him, and I wish I had the presence of mind at the time to snap a picture, but sadly, I didn’t.

I just think for someone who historically lacks a great deal of situational awareness, this was a profound act of kindness on his part. I’m super proud of him and made sure he knew it. 😀👍❤

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That is awesome and tell Gavin we think he is awesome.


I think it’s awesome that Gavin can go in and have his blood work done all by himself.

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