#Autism and #ADHD have totally kicked my ass tonight

We had a really good day today.  We spent some time outside the house and everyone did great. Unfortunately,  for reasons beyond my understanding, things went straight to Hell.. Emmett and Elliott were both in rare form.  I'm so tired that I'm going to crash early and I'll explain all about this in the morning.  Let's just say we were meltdown and bouncing off the wall central. Autism and ADHD totally kicked my ass...


#Autism and a new school year 

No one wanted to get up this morning. Elliott doesn't want to go to school anymore and I'll explain that later on. Emmett was pretty much super grumpy.  That being said, they did pull it together and we are essentially ready a full 20 minutes before we have to leave. 👍 I know this kinda change isn't easy for my kids and so I try to help them adjust as much as possible.  When dealing with kids on the Autism Spectrum, the things that are the most challenging are the ones most people would take for granted.  Managing changes like the start of a new school year, takes patience, understanding, compassion and did I say patience?   


One of the ways #Autism is challenging in everyday life 

One of the more challenging aspects of being a special needs parent to three boys with Autism, is meal times.  I haven't been able to get Emmett to eat much lately.   It's really frustrating for me because I want my son to eat and it breaks my heart to know that sometimes, despite my best efforts, he just won't eat.  This morning however, Emmett wanted to try Ritz Crackers and peanut butter.  I made him four little sandwiches or which he actually ate two of them. That's a total of four crackers and bit of peanut butter.  At this point, I'm grateful for this tiny little victory and hope to expand upon it in the future.    


#Autism and #anxiety are kicking my butt today 

Anxiety often goes hand and hand with Autism. My kids on the spectrum are no exception and struggle with anxiety almost every single day.  As a parent, this can really take its toll after awhile because it's a constant game or putting out fires.  For the last few hours, Elliott has been struggling because he's hungry but can't decide what he wants. The only thing he's willing to eat at this point is pancakes and I don't have everything needed to do that.     There's plenty of other options but he simply won't budge off the pancakes that I will not be making.  It's tough because a large part of this is outside of his control but at the same time, he's trying to guilt me into giving him what…