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Do you know how much fun shoe shopping is for two kids with #Autism?

Ha.. That’s a trick question because it’s a fricking nightmare. After we left the cookout, I took Elliott shoe shopping. Emmett decided that he wanted to try shoes again as well. I wasn’t really in a position to do both right now but with Emmett, I can’t not take advantage… Read more »

Holy Shit!! He’s kinda wearing shoes

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When it comes to being an Autism parent, it’s all about the little victories. Don’t get me wrong, we get some big victories as well and this is a prime example of one. ☺ If you know our story, you probably know that Emmett seriously struggles with shoes and socks…. Read more »

Please God, help Emmett survive the day

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I didn’t sleep worth a damn last night. I managed to fall asleep shortly before the alarm went off. Lizze sent me back to bed because she’s amazing. Next thing I know, I’m being drafted into a massive battle with Emmett, who’s refusing to go to school again. This was… Read more »

OMG… Just kill me now

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We are not off to a good start. Emmett is unable to wear anything on his feet and he’s in a mood. He’s in a nasty mood.  I didn’t sleep much last night cause I was up with Mr. Emmett several times throughout the night.  I’m at my wits end… Read more »

#Autism Parenting: Whatever doesn’t kill you….. 

Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. If that’s true, I should be in really good shape after the morning I’ve had.  My God… You would think that we were trying to cut his feet off, when all we were trying to do was help him get something on… Read more »

The heartbreaking reality of sensory processing disorder (video) 

I’ve been talking about sensory issues in regards to my kids for years. The story always seems to revolve around shoes, socks, and school, especially in Emmett’s case. Almost every single morning, we spend upwards of an hour or more, trying to help Emmett tolerate his shoes and socks. There… Read more »

Once again, Sensory Processing issues interfere with life

These sensory issues are absolutely killing me as a parent and I’m not even the one having to physically experience them. I can’t image what it’s like for Emmett.  We tried and tried to help Emmett work through his sensitivity to anything on his feet but we were unable to… Read more »

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