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Buying socks for a child with #Autism or #SPD is an experience unlike anything else

Show of hands. Who here enjoys buying socks for their child with #Autism or #SPD? This is of course, sarcasm because for many of us, it’s a nightmare. We went sock shopping again today. Read about it at the link below and share your experience in the comments… ☺


We barely made it through our little sensory crisis this morning but we did :) 

Pin2 Share1 Share Reddit Tweet +1 BufferShares 3Lizze managed to get Emmett to at least wear his crocks to school today. That was no easy task because she worked through… Read more »


It’s a major sensory morning in this #Autism house

Buffer7 Share4 Share2 Pin2 +11 Tweet RedditShares 16I’ve put myself in time out for a few minutes. I’m going on four hours of sleep and Emmett is a sensory nightmare… Read more »


Never doubt the seriousness or incapacitating nature of sensory processing disorder 

Pin3 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 3We’ve had two meltdown moments today.  The first one was from this morning and it was massive. The second one was a after… Read more »


Massive meltdown over shoes and socks

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Buffer6 Share5 Pin2 Share1 Tweet1 +11 RedditShares 16Here’s what happened this morning in regards to Emmett’s shoes and socks.  For simplicity, I’m going to refer to it as World War… Read more »


I just realized something today and it scared the shit out of me

Share13 Buffer6 +14 Pin2 Share1 Tweet1 RedditShares 27With school starting back up in 23 days, I just realized that we are going to have a pretty big problem. Since June… Read more »


The boys visit their Mom today and getting them ready has been a nightmare 

It’s heartbreaking to see this because he’s so frustrated with himself for not being able to find anything that’s comfortable.


Autism really kicked my butt this morning

It’s been one of those mornings where Autism is impacting so many different things…..


I’m absolutely dreading what I’m about to do…..

I’m taking on a monumental task this afternoon and I’m not looking forward to this because it rarely goes well and I’m pressed for time