#Autism Parenting: Whatever doesn’t kill you….. 

Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. If that’s true, I should be in really good shape after the morning I’ve had. 

My God… You would think that we were trying to cut his feet off, when all we were trying to do was help him get something on them that would allow him to go to school. 

Every time it feels like we’ve made progress, something always comes along and yanks the rug out from underneath our feet. 

The reality is, raising kids on the Autism Spectrum is like living in Ohio and complaining about the weather.… Read More

The heartbreaking reality of sensory processing disorder (video) 

I’ve been talking about sensory issues in regards to my kids for years. The story always seems to revolve around shoes, socks, and school, especially in Emmett’s case.

Almost every single morning, we spend upwards of an hour or more, trying to help Emmett tolerate his shoes and socks.

There are times that we succeed in overcoming these obstacles and there are days in which we don’t even come close.… Read More

Once again, Sensory Processing issues interfere with life

These sensory issues are absolutely killing me as a parent and I’m not even the one having to physically experience them. I can’t image what it’s like for Emmett. 

We tried and tried to help Emmett work through his sensitivity to anything on his feet but we were unable to make it happen this morning. 

It’s extremely frustrating for Lizze and I as parents because we know that he needs to be at school.… Read More

My son’s sensory issues totally kicked my ass today

Mother of God, I didn’t think we were going to survive this morning. Everyone was in a great mood and that’s awesome. Elliott and Emmett were getting along and there wasn’t any fighting whatsoever. 

Let me tell ya, that almost never happens. 

All of that awesomeness ended the moment it was time to put shoes and socks on.… Read More

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