Sensory processing issues get in the way again

Trying to get the kids ready for school can be like herding cats at times. There are a million reasons for that. Sometimes it's pretty kid typical and just not wanting to get out of bed, or simply dragging their feet while getting ready. Other times it can be more Autism related in nature. This morning was delayed by sensory issues once again. Mr. Emmett was having issues with his sock on his left foot. It took quite some time to help him work through it. He kept saying that it felt like something was snagging his sock. He was getting really upset because he didn't want to be late but he was simply unable to put his socks on. He didn't wear socks to school for many years but…


This is what happened when I took my son with #Autism, shoe shopping today

I wanted to update you fine folks on how our shoe shopping excursion went this afternoon. I'm so proud of Emmett because it didn't go as planned but he adapted and worked through it. ☺ Emmett and I went to the Skechers outlet store, on a mission to find a very particular pair of shoes. There was no plan to deviate from what we know is working and didn't want to try anything else. We got there and discovered that they didn't have his size but it could be ordered. He didn't want to wait and also didn't want the shoes he was currently wearing. The only option was to look for something else and he was actually eager to do that. I was really surprised by his willingness to…

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Do you know how much fun shoe shopping is for two kids with #Autism?

Ha.. That's a trick question because it's a fricking nightmare. After we left the cookout, I took Elliott shoe shopping. Emmett decided that he wanted to try shoes again as well. I wasn't really in a position to do both right now but with Emmett, I can't not take advantage of his willingness to try shoes again. That opportunity almost never comes around. In fact, it's been about two years since the last time he was willing to try. Elliott actually isn't too, too bad. He's more indecisive when it comes to shopping. It's not usually that big of a deal but it depends on his mood and how stressed out or overstimulated he is at the moment. Emmett on the other hand is never easy. His tolerance for anything…

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Holy Shit!! He’s kinda wearing shoes

When it comes to being an Autism parent, it's all about the little victories. Don't get me wrong, we get some big victories as well and this is a prime example of one. ☺ If you know our story, you probably know that Emmett seriously struggles with shoes and socks. In fact, it's so bad he hasn't worn shoes in almost two years now. He will however, wear crocs but only certain ones and it's really hard to find those. Anyway, he's been wearing the second pair for quite awhile now and they were too small for him. He refused to wear anything else and it was a battle we decided not to pick because it would have only made things worse. Lizze's Mom bought him a new pair of…


Please God, help Emmett survive the day

I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. I managed to fall asleep shortly before the alarm went off. Lizze sent me back to bed because she's amazing. Next thing I know, I'm being drafted into a massive battle with Emmett, who's refusing to go to school again. This was the worst morning he's had in a very long time. It was his crocs that were the problem today. He simply couldn't get comfortable and longer this went on, the worse it got. Between several calls to the school and the principal getting on the phone to try and talk Emmett through this, we finally got him in the car. Unfortunately, by that time, we were almost an hour late. I'm more exhausted now than I was before, only I…

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OMG… Just kill me now

We are not off to a good start. Emmett is unable to wear anything on his feet and he's in a mood. He's in a nasty mood.  I didn't sleep much last night cause I was up with Mr. Emmett several times throughout the night.  I'm at my wits end this morning.. 


#Autism Parenting: Whatever doesn’t kill you….. 

Whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. If that's true, I should be in really good shape after the morning I've had.  My God... You would think that we were trying to cut his feet off, when all we were trying to do was help him get something on them that would allow him to go to school.  Every time it feels like we've made progress, something always comes along and yanks the rug out from underneath our feet.  The reality is, raising kids on the Autism Spectrum is like living in Ohio and complaining about the weather. If we just wait ten minutes, the weather will change.  In many ways, that's true in regards to parenting a child on the spectrum but not always in the sense that…


The heartbreaking reality of sensory processing disorder (video) 

I've been talking about sensory issues in regards to my kids for years. The story always seems to revolve around shoes, socks, and school, especially in Emmett's case. Almost every single morning, we spend upwards of an hour or more, trying to help Emmett tolerate his shoes and socks. There are times that we succeed in overcoming these obstacles and there are days in which we don't even come close. The examples I've given have mostly revolved around Emmett missing school because he can't tolerate his shoes and socks. No matter how many times I've tried to explain that Emmett's not trying to get out of going to school, there's always that doubt in people's mind because it seems like getting to stay home is his ultimate goal. As I've…