Autism really kicked my butt this morning

Autism really tends to make things challenging for both myself and my kids touched by it.  This morning was a prime example of that challenge. 

Emmett’s had a rough couple of days and this morning was no exception.  He slept well, so I’m not sure why he’s struggling as much as he is today. 

Getting him dressed was extremely difficult because it seems that he’s even more sensory sensitive than normal.  The biggest obstacles were his shirt, shoes and socks.  He was feeling every tiny imperfection and they were driving him crazy.

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My Mom volunteered to take the boys to school cause I’m still not feeling good.

Emmett just wasn’t tolerating his shoes today and after a few tries, I was able to convince him to wear is socks and sandals.  It took some brushing and several attempts at fixing his socks but he did get off to school with his feet covered.

I’m exhausted and I’ll probably close my eyes while Gavin’s asleep…

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I already called the school and explained about Emmett’s shoes. It’s not a problem and for now he feels more comfortable…

Autism can be overwhelming and exhausting for all involved.



  1. Susan Hernandez

    Wow I cannot even imagine the efforts you put in. I have two healthy sons but since I am bipolar (do I use that as an excuse a lot? probably…) I mostly leave the raising of my kids up to my very capable husband. I don’t know what I’d do without his support.
    Rest up, and re-energize for more! Hang in there!

    1. Susan Hernandez

      …about the “excuse” thing, I only mean bipolar is not too terribly strong with me and yet sometimes I tend to use it as an “out” rather than take ownership of being, say, just plain lazy. 🙂

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