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I really need thoughts and prayers today folks

It’s going to be a really, really busy day.  The boys will be with my Mom for the day, while Gavin and I make our way to the Cleveland Clinic. This appointment is the first of its kind for Gavin and so I’m really nervous. We will be at The Cole Eye Institute for most …

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Prayers Needed: Gavin may have Jalili Syndrome 

The video below will provide more details but if you just want to know what’s going on, here’s the deal.  I received a phone call yesterday from The Cole Eye Institute. This is the premier eye center at The Cleveland Clinic. It was a genetics counselor working with one of Gavin’s precious doctors.  Gavin’s been …

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Gavin makes his triumphant return to the Cleveland Clinic next week

Something I’m don’t know if I’ve shared before is that Gavin has connective tissue problems. Apparently, his Mom has a connective tissue disorder but that was diagnosed after she left and so I’m relatively in the dark on that. Gavin is extremely hyper flexible. Some of the things he can do are actually cringe worthy …

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