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Waiting for answers at the @clevelandclinic 

Lizze and I made it to Cleveland, with a bit of time to spare. We did that despite some asshole almost crashing into us as he tried to pass us on the single lane in ramp.  Aside from that, traffic wasn’t too bad, and we had a nice conversation.  I’m waiting for Lizze to get …

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The important reason we are heading to the @clevelandclinic today

The reason we are going to the Cleveland Clinic today, is so that Lizze can see her gastroenterologist. This is a belated follow-up appointment, in regards to being diagnosed with gastroparesis.  Gastroparesis is basically a slow stomach. That means food stays in her stomach for much longer than it should, and causes a number of problems.  …

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What happened to my son with fragile health today

My son with fragile health was at the Cleveland Clinic today

Looks like we made it

I’m totally drained but we’ve made it to the Cleveland Clinic in one piece. Here’s what’s happening

A difficult trip to the Cleveland Clinic 

Praying to find Gavin relief from what’s making him miserable

We’re back at the @ClevelandClinic today

We have another trip to the Cleveland Clinic today

We’re done with the Cleveland Clinic for this week and here’s how everything went

“We have to go back once a week for the next three or four weeks and that’s going to present a few challenges, both financially and logistically. I’ll figure something out though.”

I’m just chillin in the gigantic lobby at the @ClevelandClinic 

We had a good trip up to the Cleveland Clinic. Now I’m just trying to kill some time