A major update about Gavin’s health and where we go from here

Today was really rough for Mr. Gavin. He can't ride in the car for very long at all, without feeling like he's going to have an accident. This is the worst it's ever been, by a long shot. I was able to get ahold of his prescribing doctor and we are to immediately drop him down to his previous dose, beginning Thursday (tomorrow) morning. This means we are back down to 600mg of Clozapine a day. We aren't going to stay there though. After running 600mg for seven days, we will begin to increase by 50mg per week for the next four weeks. The idea behind this is that perhaps if we bring him back down and then slowly bring him back up, the side effects might not be so…

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Gavin’s not doing well

It's been a difficult couple of days for Gavin. It's safe to say that the increase in Clozapine has significantly increased the side effects he had begun suffering from about two years ago. Gavin's been struggling with what presents itself as bladder issues.  He's constantly running back and forth to the bathroom, without having to actually go. He has the overwhelming urge to go and while sometimes he does indeed have to go, most of the time it's a false alarm. We're having many almost accidents and Gavin is absolutely miserable because he can't go anywhere without this interfering. This isn't a bladder infection because he's been tested and cleared many times. Unfortunately, this is a very rare but documented side effect of Clozapine and is apparently more prominent if…


We will be spending most of our day at the @ClevelandClinic

It's going to be a really, really long day today. Lizze and I will be at the Cleveland Clinic for most of the day.  Her Mom will be picking the boys up from school and hanging out with them until we get back, late afternoon.  Since the Cleveland Clinic is a decent drive for us, Lizze scheduled a couple of appointments, so we could get as much done while we were there as possible.   This saves us both time and money.   Plus, it also limits the help we need with the kids as well.  So while it's going to be a really long day, it's all done at one time and we won't have to make a second trip.