I really need thoughts and prayers today folks

It’s going to be a really, really busy day. 

The boys will be with my Mom for the day, while Gavin and I make our way to the Cleveland Clinic. This appointment is the first of its kind for Gavin and so I’m really nervous.

We will be at The Cole Eye Institute for most of the day. We will be with a genetic counselor for awhile before Gavin undergoes some new tests to help determine the cause of some of his health issues.


What they believe he has is something called Jalili syndrome and of course it goes without saying, that this is extremely rare.

Gavin never does anything halfway.  lol/sigh

We will likely arrive home just in time for the long overdue family therapy session at Dr. Pattie’s. No one is looking forward to this but it needs to happen in order to try and promote healing and forgiveness. 

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This is a very serious attempt to help heal the relationship between the boys and their Mother. 

While I’m not looking forward to this, I am feeling hopeful that we will be able to get some shit worked out and the boys will start feeling more comfortable when they visit their Mom. 

All of this stuff aside, my biggest worry is a bit more practical right now. 

I have no idea how Gavin’s going to do on the car ride up to the clinic. His bladder issues have gotten so bad that I had to make three attempts to make it my parents house last night and they only live a few miles down the road. 

I had to return home twice so that Gavin didn’t have an accident. 

Not to sound like an asshole but if that holds true in the morning, we’ll never make it up there in time. I’m hoping that Gavin’s meds will make him sleepy and he’ll fall asleep for the car ride up. 

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He’s going to have to sit in the back seat because he does this constant potty dance and it drives me crazy when he’s sitting right next to me. It’s distracting and while I know it’s not his fault, he will be in the back seat. He can potty dance all he needs to and I won’t have him bumping into me etc. 

I’ll probably bring some empty bottles as well. Those will just be for emergencies but I’m hoping he just sleeps straight through. 

Right now I’m doing my best to put myself in a good head space for this trip and the counseling session we have when we get home.

I will be grateful when tomorrow has concluded and I can put this behind me. 😕