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Emmett has his final dental procedure today

Today, Lizze and I will be taking Emmett for his forth and final dental procedure.  After today, he’ll be good to go.  I’ll be so glad when all this is done and I hope that we can keep from chewing on things that will damage his teeth again.  My Mom will be hanging out with …

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You won’t believe what we went through just trying to get Emmett to the dentist

I can’t even begin to explain how horribly awry today has gone. I should probably just start at the beginning. Lizze got off to class without any problems and let me sleep in until it was time for her to leave. The boys and I spent the morning getting some things done. I spent a …

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I’m really stressed out over Emmett’s emergency dental appointment today

I’m not looking forward to today’s emergency dental appointment all all. Not even a little..

Emmett’s got another emergency dental appointment 

Dammit…. Another fricking emergency trip to the dentist on Monday

An important update about Emmett’s emergency trip to the dentist 

We all know that Emmett had an emergency dentist appointment and here’s how it all went.

Emmett and I made it to the dentist but there’s a complication

“Unfortunately, before we left, I discovered that Emmett was running a fever of 103 °F. I called and explained to the dentist…….. Read More”

Emmett had a root canal and metal cap installed today :(

Poor Emmett had a difficult morning but be did so amazingly well