Here’s how Elliott’s dentist appointment went

If you look up anxiety in the dictionary, there is a picture of Elliott next to it. This kids is hardcore anxious. Of course, he has generalized anxiety disorder. 

He hates going to the doctors office. When he was younger, we used to have to physically carry him into the office because he would refuse to go. 

When it came time …

Here’s how Gavin’s trip to the dentist went

I’m not a fan of the dentist but raking the boys has sorta put me at ease with it. Compared to me, my kids are super heros when it comes to going to the dentist. 

While Gavin and Elliott both went today, I’m going to focus a bit on them individually. 

The reason Gavin was going today was to …

I’m exhausted, scared and overwhelmed 

It’s been a trying day from start to finish.  We had victories and moments of sheer terror today.

I’m going to skip the part where Gavin wandered off and ended up lost for short time that seemed like forever because you can read that here. I wrote a post about that earlier and frankly, I don’t have …

The week of craziness begins today with another trip back to the dentist 

We are back in Fairlawn today.  This time it’s for Elliott and Gavin’s dental check up.  It’s just a routine checkup and shouldn’t be a big deal.  

Elliott’s a bundle of nerves and smothered in anxiety.  

He’s knows he’s going tomorrow but he’s not happy about it.  Frankly, he’s doing much better than I was prepared for at this point.  He’s …

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