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I’m exhausted, scared and overwhelmed 

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Share33 Buffer6 Share1 Tweet1 Pin1 +11 RedditShares 43It’s been a trying day from start to finish.  We had victories and moments of sheer terror today. I’m going to skip the… Read more »


The week of craziness begins today with another trip back to the dentist 

Pin2 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 2We are back in Fairlawn today.  This time it’s for Elliott and Gavin’s dental check up.  It’s just a routine checkup and shouldn’t… Read more »


Emmett has his final dental procedure today

Pin2 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 2Today, Lizze and I will be taking Emmett for his forth and final dental procedure.  After today, he’ll be good to go.  I’ll… Read more »


You won’t believe what we went through just trying to get Emmett to the dentist

Share9 Buffer6 Pin4 Tweet4 +13 Share RedditShares 26I can’t even begin to explain how horribly awry today has gone. I should probably just start at the beginning. Lizze got off… Read more »


An important update about Emmett’s emergency trip to the dentist 

We all know that Emmett had an emergency dentist appointment and here’s how it all went.