Gavin had a heartbreaking meltdown yesterday

I meant to write about this earlier but it somehow slipped my mind.  While we were at Dr. Reynolds office yesterday, Gavin got up to use the bathroom during our time with the nurse practitioner. This isn't unusual because he's frequently using the bathroom throughout the day.  He was gone about 10 minutes when nurse asked if we should be worried about him. I said no, because he frequently spends a few minutes in the bathroom, just making sure he doesn't have to go.     No sooner did I say that, than the nurse was pulled out of the office for an emergency.  I had a very bad feeling come over me and so I followed her.  Turns out Gavin was the emergency. He had gotten locked in the bathroom…

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Gavin’s blood pressure was really high for him today

Before every appointment at his psychiatrist's office, Gavin has his vitals taken. This allows for the detection of any significant medication related changes to be monitored.  Because of Gavin's autonomic disorder, his blood pressure is always really low.  The last time it was taken at this doctors office, it was 100/40 and that's about his average since the autonomic issues first started a few years back. When Gavin's blood pressure was take this morning, it was 137/66.     That's actually not too bad for the average person but Gavin anything but average. The general consensus is that this may be caused by his medication that helps with the side effects of the Clozapine.  Gavin's been taking liquid Pseudoephedrine three times a day to control the bladder issues caused by the…


I take Gavin see his psychiatrist this morning 

The week will begin with a trip to see Gavin's psychiatrist this morning. There isn't too much to report, which is a positive thing. Frankly, Gavin's doing really, really well. There is however, an issue with a difficult side effect to the medication Clozapine he's on.  He's having continued bladder problems and a constant, driving need to use the bathroom. It's very painful and definitely interferes with his day to day life.  I don't know if there is anything we can do about this but I really want to provide him with at least some relief. At the same time, the medication is absolutely necessary to manage his schizoaffective disorder.  Hopefully, we can get some good news and start the week off on the right foot.