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@AkronChildrens Hospital called with a date for the procedure

I spoke last week about how Gavin is in need of an endoscopy and colonoscopy because of various potential health related problems in those areas. They needed to run labs to make sure that it would be safe for Gavin to have the procedures because Neutrophilia puts him at a much higher risk of infection. …

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Fingers crossed and prayers sent

This is take two for this post cause the first one glitched out and disappeared. I’m gonna try to reproduce it as best I can. I played phone tag with Akron Children’s Hospital today. I called this morning to get the results of Gavin’s labs from last week and it turns out, they never received …

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Gavin was absolutely miserable tonight

Tonight was not good to Gavin. Poor Gavin got sick after dinner and was absolutely miserable until he finally fell asleep. Shortly after eating dinner, he got what he describes as a really bad stomachache. Tums seem to have helped with that rather quickly but it was the headache that kept him up last night. …

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Sometimes it’s the little things

This past week has been a rougher one for Mr. Gavin. For some reason, he’s been dealing with bouts of nausea. Some of these bouts have been worse than others but they seem to mostly happen at night. Thankfully though, the last couple of nights have been good for him. I don’t think he’s had …

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My heart breaks for Gavin tonight

For the second night in a row, Gavin is going to bed sick to his stomach. I’m not sure what’s going on but it was so bad that he went to bed before 6:00 PM. I don’t think he’s actually sick sick but it might be autonomic in nature. These could be mini to moderate …

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How Gavin’s appointment went and why I’m so overwhelmed

We were gone for most of the day and it was an exhausting day at that. I want to start by thanking my Mom for helping out with the boys yesterday. We truly appreciate it. There was a lot of construction on the way to Cleveland but the drive was only about one hour and …

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