Gavin’s had a really rough day

Gavin’s had a tough day and probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

Behaviorally, Gavin’s been an angel for the most part and we couldn’t ask for more.  Unfortunately, the things that have been a problem today are more health related.

Gavin’s had stomach aches, on and off all day long.  There’s nothing that seems to be an obvious cause but he was definitely hurting.… Read More

The good news is pretty awesome and the bad news is Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

I have already taken you through the process of our trip to the Cleveland Clinic yesterday but haven’t yet talked about what happened. It’s been a really long day and it’s not over yet because I have a child who just won’t go to sleep and it’s currently pushing 2:30 am.

Anyway, that’s why this post has been so delayed. 

Gavin’s appointment with pediatric neurology at the aforementioned Cleveland Clinic, was specifically in regards to his autonomic dysfunction


The long and short of things is that autonomically speaking, he’s doing really well.  While there’s a chance he’s maybe outgrown it, I truly believe he’s only stable because we pulled him out of school two years ago.… Read More

I had to make plans for a worst case scenario with Gavin tonight

Before going to bed, I spoke with my Mom to once again thank her and my Dad for all their continued support.  It’s something I can’t tell them enough…their words not mine….  I’m just kidding..  They would never say something like that. 

Seriously though, after speaking to my Mom about how much I appreciate them, I let her know that Gavin went to bed, not doing very well. … Read More

A couple of general medical updates

This is a sorta part two post of updates.  Part one pertained to SSI and this will focus on a couple of medication related things.

Some may already be aware that I started a new medication for anxiety and depression.  I’ve been on Paxil for a few years but needed more help with anxiety.  My doctor put me on Wellbutrine but after a few weeks, I noticed that it was causing an increase in heart rate and I wasn’t comfortable continuing forward on it.… Read More

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