Emmett learned a valuable lesson today

Most of our day was spent watching Emmett's martial arts tournament, inside a cramped, hot gym. While it didn't take as long as last year, it still felt like we were there forever. Emmett was in group 9 and group 11. This meant he had a long wait before it was his turn. The level of competition was higher this year, and that caught Emmett off guard. He did awesomely but didn't rank in a way that made him happy. He placed 2nd and 3rd in his respective categories. We couldn't be any prouder of him, but placing 3rd hit him quite hard. Part of the problem with that was the announcer misspoke and initially called Emmett as 2nd place before correcting himself and calling Emmett for 3rd instead. That…


My #Autistic son has a therapeutic Martial Arts tournament today

Emmett is so anxious about his Martial Arts tournament this morning; he's been up since 4 AM. His mood is a bit all over the place, and it's been a super fun morning thus far. We're leaving in a few minutes, and we will probably be there for most of the day. It's going to be pretty cramped in the gym, and there will be lots of people who smell like cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing for Lizze. I can't stand that smell, but it will make her migraine so much worse. It's going to be a very long day for all of us, but we're all excited to see Emmett do his thing. 😀


Emmett’s Martial Arts Tournament Results (Tons of Pictures AND Video)

It's been a long day, but I've finally recovered enough to write this post. I'm going to keep this brief and let the pictures/videos do the talking. ☺ Emmett had his martial arts tournament on Saturday morning and it was a pretty awesome experience. I had originally thought this was going to be something that wouldn't have any actual competition but I was wrong. There was no sparring or contact anything, but they did compete. Everything they did was scored by the judges and the highest score won. He competed in the Empty Hand Kata and the Weapon Kata. I'm super excited and incredibly proud to share that Emmett took first place in both competitions. He had the highest scores of anyone who competed today and there were a ton…


I’m really pushing myself today

We leave for Emmett's martial arts thing in about an hour. I'm absolutely not feeling well and I just want to go back to bed. Obviously, that's not an option. I'm going to have to really push myself this morning. I know how important this is to Emmett and I will not be the reason he doesn't make it there. My hope is, after I get moving around a bit, I'll begin to feel better. I'm so excited for Emmett and I want today to be all about him.


Watch Emmett’s Martial Arts Promotion in less than 1 minute

Last Friday, both Elliott and Emmett had Martial Arts Promotion at school. I've got pictures and video of both. The boys did awesome, and we couldn't be any prouder of them.  The video below, summarizes Emmett's promotion. Elliott will have his own post as well.  Mr. Emmett was promoted to yellow belt, and demonstrated three katas in front of everyone. He was the only one to do this. Please take a second and view the video below. It's less than one minute long, Family friendly and will nicely summarize the promotion... ☺  https://youtu.be/8F1FC_Gk5mc